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Benefits of Sign Language

Communicating with your pre-verbal child………Benefits of Sign Language.

American Sign Language (ASL) is a beneficial support for your child’s speech, language, and overall development. ASL has been proven not only to impact natural development, speech, and language, but also improve I.Q and enhance interactions with your child’s environment. By utilizing sign language with your child, research has shown closer parent to baby bonds and more feelings of “being in tune” with each other. Additionally, sign language allows for fewer moments of distress for your child due to the ability to participate in pre/non-verbal communication, increased excitement and opportunities to communicate, increased attention and overall learning skills, as well as enhanced creativity and curiosity about the environment. ASL can serve as a bridge for the child that is bilingual and may be learning a new language. In regards to speech and language development, ASL can provide for a smooth transition from gestures to speaking, improved vocabulary and confidence, enhanced use of adjectives and adverbs, empowered earlier reading and recognition of sight words, and increased overall expressive and receptive language skills. Overall, sign language can help your child to decrease frustrations and better enhance his/her abilities to perform in all environments.

American Sign Language (ASL) is a beneficial support for your child’s speech, language, and overall development. ASL has been proven not only to impact natural development, speech, and language, but also improve I.Q and enhance interactions with your child’s environment.  The attached flyer provides valuable information about sign language misconceptions, benefits and more!  Happy signing!


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Mother’s Day at Children’s Therapy Place

Mother’s Day at Children’s Therapy Place

Run for Autism

Run for AutismCome join us in the Run for Autism April 25th 9 am – 11 am at Veterans Memorial Park 930 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Boise, ID 83703


April 25 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Educate, Advocate, Support!

Join the Autism Society Treasure Valley for our 13th annual Run For Autism. Create a team, bring your family & friends, or just come along for a lovely riverside run or walk in support of autistic individuals.

8:00am Registration opens
9:00am Kids Course
9:15am 5K Run/Walk (timed)
9:30am 2.5 mile Family Stroll
10:15am Raffle prize winners announced

Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness DayNNU will hold its third annual Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, April 18 from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. on campus. The day will include a variety of opportunities for autism education, participation in support activities and family fun.

In the morning, an autism awareness conference titled “What can we learn?” is open to educators, church groups and individuals.

Autistic individuals and their families are invited to attend a luncheon on the Brandt Center lawn prior to the NNU men’s baseball game where they will be recognized before the start of the game at 1 p.m.

Register for Autism Awareness Day here.

More info can be found at:

Does your child have anxiety?

Anxiety in Children and Teens | Children's Therapy PlaceAnxiety can be overlooked in children. Does any of this sound like your child or teen?

  • Difficulty separating, excessive clinginess, crying, and/or tantrums
  • Excessive shyness, quiet, avoiding social situations
  • Pessimism and negative thinking patterns such as imagining the worst, over-exaggerating the negatives
  • Constant worry about things that might happen or have happened
  • Avoidance behaviors, including things, situations or places because of fears
  • Physical complaints of frequent stomachaches or headaches
  • Experiencing sudden and frequent panic attacks

Anxiety is the most common mental health concern for children and adults. Because anxious children and teens are often quiet and compliant, however, they frequently go unnoticed by their parents and teachers. As a result, many never receive the help they desperately need.

Anxiety can be managed!

Anxiety in Children and Teens | Children's Therapy Place

Here are some tips to help your child.

Become a detective and begin recording your child’s moods and behaviors.
When are they at their best….or worst? What happened right before a behavioral meltdown? Was there too much commotion or noise? Often times, children can become overstimulated and need a quiet place to calm.

Let your child know they can talk to you and be available to your child.
Encourage your child to talk to you about any problems he may be having, and to talk about his feelings openly and honestly. Be present for your child as much as possible.

Be sure to listen to your child before offering suggestions.
As much as you might want to jump in and help offer solutions, allow your child time to fully express their thoughts and emotions before making comments or expressing your opinions.

Try doing something active with your child.
Some children may feel more comfortable talking about their problems while engaging in an activity with a parent. Do something you both enjoy, such as going for a walk, making cookies, or playing a round of basketball in the driveway before asking your child to discuss a problem he may be having. Exercise is wonderful for anxiety, it’s a natural anti-depressant/stress reliever increasing our “happy chemicals” in our brain.

Get your child to do some deep breathing activities.
Deep breathing helps to calm the body. With calm slow breaths the rest of our body will follow. Our blood pressure slows down, our heart rate slows down and eventually our entire body will begin to relax. Encourage your child to breathe in “good” air and exhale “bad” air, and picture it carrying any worries out of his/her body. With young children blowing bubbles is an excellent way to help them grasp the idea of deep breathing.

Get your child into counseling.
If your child continues to have behaviors that may exhibit anxiety call and schedule an appointment with a counselor at Children’s Therapy Place for your child. Anxiety is a horrible feeling and your child deserves to get the help he/she needs to resolve this.

Thank Social Workers!

thank social workers In recognition of the invaluable services provided by our social workers, Children’s Therapy Place is celebrating National Professional Social Work Month this March. The staff at CTP would like to express how very grateful we are for the work that our social workers do to help enhance the lives of children and families in Boise and Meridian.

Thank Social Workers!

The month of March has been proclaimed by the Idaho legislature as Social Work Recognition Month. This year’s theme is “Social Work Paves the Way for Change” and it was selected to convey what the social work profession has done to bring about positive changes in society and for individuals.

CTP thanks the almost 4,000 licensed social workers in Idaho for their dedication to making a difference in the day-to-day lives of Idahoan’s by helping to build, support and empower positive family and community relationships.

Please join me in recognizing our CTP social workers for their tireless dedication to helping make profound differences in the lives of children and their families.

Miss Amazing – Reach for the Stars

Miss AmazingIt’s been an AMAZING year for 13 year old Ani Besteder, the reigning 2014 Idaho Miss Amazing Preteen Queen.   After winning the crown in Idaho, Ani went on to the national competition in Omaha and placed 3rd in her age group. “It feels amazing,” said Ani at the 2014 pageant. “It’s great to make new friends here and see some familiar faces.”

Miss AmazingMiss Amazing is not just a beauty contest, it’s a program that encourages participants to dream big and reach their goals. It celebrates the abilities of girls and women with disabilities and supports learning of social and communication skills throughout the process.

Children’s Therapy Place (CTP) therapist, Stephanie Schoenfeld (COTA) co-leads a weekly occupational therapy group and has witnessed Ani’s extraordinary growth in self-confidence and social skills. Miss Stephanie commented, “It has been exciting to see Ani gain independence with activities of daily living. This independence has provided her with improved social skills, including the ability to initiate conversation and improved interactions with her peers.” Ani now has a new personal goal in the area of public speaking…. she’s looking forward to working in the community with Miss Stephanie to educate children about autism.

Miss AmazingWhen asked how therapy has helped Ani, her mother, Amy commented, “Ani’s skills are always changing and improving and I think that’s just the coolest thing. Her life has been changed for the better with the support of the amazing therapists at CTP.”

Miss Amazing Pageants prove that the world is a much better place when the talents and ambitions of all people are celebrated and valued. CTP celebrates Miss Amazing 2014, Ani Besteder, and all children with disabilities who inspire us all to reach for the stars!

The 2015 Idaho Miss Amazing Pageant will be held March 27-28, 2015 in Nampa, Idaho.

It’s time to sign up for Speech/Language Winter Groups!

Social Skills Group

Starting January 14th:

Let’s Get Social! Social Skills Group for preschool and kindergarten.

Description: The ILAUGH Model of Social Thinking will be utilized to facilitate skills needed in establishing and maintaining friendships among peers. Using the ILAUGH Model, therapists will target Initiation of communication, Listening with eyes and brain, Abstract language, Understanding perspective, Getting the big picture, and Humor. Therapists will utilize games, crafts, and technology to engage participants in therapy activities. This is a fun way for kids to gain a better understanding of social skills as well as practice real life social scenarios with peers under the guidance of a professional.

Let’s Get Talking! Articulation or Phonological improvement for elementary students.

Description: Using the Cycles Approach as well as articulation drills, participants will practice sounds and sound patterns in words to improve their speech sound production abilities. Therapists will utilize games, crafts, and technology to engage children in therapy activities. This is a fun way for kids to practice their speech with a professional as well as enjoy time with peers.

Christmas Party


Children’s Therapy Place

Christmas Party

When: December 5th

Time: 4:00 to 6: 00 PM

Please bring your children and join us for a holiday celebration that will include a candy walk, face painting, holiday crafts and of course Santa Claus will be there!

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