Children’s Therapy Place is now offering Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) in our Boise,
Meridian and Nampa Clinics. At Children’s Therapy Place we know the importance of being able to
generalize skills into a child’s natural environment. Through our CBRS program children will work with a
highly trained paraprofessional who, in conjunction with the child’s primary mental health therapist, will
work on implementing skills to assist with the following areas:

● Mental Health Symptoms
● Behavioral Symptoms
● Socialization
● Communication
● Basic Living Skills

Frequency and duration of CBRS is individualized and assessed based on the child’s need. We at
Children’s Therapy Place know that every child and family has a different set of needs and struggles. We
ensure that each plan for your child matches their needs, as well as the needs of the family. Our CBRS
workers will also work with family members to assist them in developing ways to continue to help their
child implement skills in the home and community.

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