Our physical therapists seek to provide clients with the necessary exercise, training, and equipment that enables them to improve functionality, increase strength and mobility, and decrease pain while educating clients about maintaining their improvements after treatment has ceased.


Special Programs

Posture Suit Assessment/Fitting

Assessment and fitting of orthotic undergarments, such as Theratog or Spio, to help children with sensorimotor dysfunction to improve postural alignment and stability, movement skills, joint stability, and prolonged muscle stretch.  Posture suits may help children with the following concerns:

-Spinal Kyphosis

-Lumbar Lordosis


-Hip joint malalignments

-Shoulder joint malalignments

-Prevention of extremity deformities


Kinesiotape is an elastic adhesive tape, used to support and facilitate functional movement of a compromised body segment.  Our therapists use kinesiotape to positively affect muscle tone, correct movement patterns, improve pain, and improve posture.  Children who benefit from kinesiotaping may see improvements with self-help, gross motor, fine motor, oral motor skills, improved body awareness/coordination, joint stability, reduction in fatigue when using muscle segments, and decreased pain and inflammation.  Common conditions kinesiotaping has benefitted include but are not limited to Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, and Down Syndrome.

Neuro Developmental Therapy (NDT)
Neuro Developmental Therapy (NDT)Advanced training that allows our therapists to assess and treat children with neuro-motor concerns.  It utilizes a hands-on treatment approach called facilitation to assist individuals with limited neuro-motor movement patterns to develop and maintain normal and typical movement.  Repeated experience performing correct movement patterns allows children with cerebral palsy, brain injury, and Down syndrome (to name a few) to develop correct and improved motor movement and complete functional tasks with increased success.
Early Intervention (EI)

Early Intervention (EI) – a program for children 0-3 years old and provided through the state of Idaho by the Idaho Infant Toddler Program. Children’s Therapy Place Physical Therapists contract with the state to provide these services in home for families. There is no cost to families regardless of income and families can self-refer or be referred by a physician. Although Children’s Therapy Place provides these services, referrals need to be made directly to the Infant Toddler Program. 

Total Motion Release (TMR)

Total Motion Release (TMR) uses positional release to treat postural asymmetry caused by torticollis, neuromuscular conditions, etc. Correcting postural asymmetries will improve a child’s ability to complete a variety of gross motor tasks with appropriate and equal movement patterns. 


Treatment Areas


Gross-Motor Development

Therapeutic Exercises

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

General Strengthening

Tone Management

Gait Training

Adaptive Equipment Assessment

Wheelchair Evaluations

Consultation for Orthotics

Coordination and Balance Training


Katie H., PT, DPT
Location: Boise/PRN
Katie was born and raised in Idaho and graduated from Idaho State University in 2016 with a doctorate in physical therapy. She has been working as a physical therapist for 4 years, all of which has been at Children’s Therapy Place. Katie really enjoys working with kids of all ages and developmental levels and loves the variety this provides. In her free time, she loves spending time with family and friends and doing anything outdoors.

Christina S., PT
Location: Nampa
Christina is originally from Oslo, Norway where she went to PT school and received her original PT license. She has worked as a pediatric physical therapist for over 13 years, and loves to work with kids and their families to help kiddos reach their full potential. Christina is certified in KinesioTape and TheraTogs and has a good knowledge of Neuro-Developmental Treatment. She also has a lot of experience with orthotics and Durable Medical Equipment (DME). When Christina is not working, she enjoys spending time with family, reading and baking.

Alex A., PT, DPT

Location:  Meridian and Boise

Alex was born and raised in Idaho and graduated from Idaho State University with a doctorate in physical therapy. In her free time, she loves spending time with family and friends, camping, hiking and swimming.  She enjoys playing with her dog and spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking. 
Ana B, PT, DPT
Location: Boise 
Ana comes to us from Barney, North Dakota and graduated from the University of North Dakota in 2022 with a doctorate in Physical Therapy.  In her free time, she loves reading, skiing, paddleboarding, exercising and baking. 


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