Children’s Therapy Place

“It was never about building an Empire, I just saw a need and thought I could help.  It’s always been about providing excellent therapy services to children-no matter where they live or the challenges they face.” (McMindes 2012)


Founded in 2000, Sondra McMindes started a business out of her home by providing speech and language services to underserved schools and home services through the state of Idaho’s Infant Toddler Program.   She quickly added occupational and physical therapy services to further her desire to provide therapy services to the children in Southwest Idaho.  Finding a niche with a traveling therapy staff, Sondra soon saw the need to expand and provide additional services in an outpatient clinic.   

The first clinic located on Cole and Emerald in Boise provided speech and language and occupational therapy.  As the clinic experienced rapid growth a new location was obtained in West Boise on Fairview Avenue in 2007, with expansion in 2008, and 2012.  This location continues to be the main site for therapy provision. Providing speech/language, occupational therapy, and physical therapy was a good start but the vision for Children’s Therapy Place was to be able to provide all therapy services children and their families may need in one location.

Innovation and Telehealth:  

Innovation has been at the forefront of Sondra and Children’s Therapy Place’s development over the years.  Online speech/language therapy services were first offered in 2007 to virtual charter schools across the country.

In 2009, Children’s Therapy Place won a bid with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Washington State to provide telehealth or “teletherapy” services to rural Washington State school districts.  This project was called the Special Education and Related Services Teletherapy Pilot Project.

Online speech/language and occupational therapy services have been available ever since.

As a forerunner of teletherapy provision in the State of Idaho, Children’s Therapy Place is a leader in this innovative area of practice. Children’s Therapy Place has been a premier provider of teletherapy services and has provided online speech/language and occupational therapy services for children from Florida to Washington.

Discovering Ability in Every Child:  

“Discovering Ability in Every Child” is more than a motto to Sondra.  Establishing a collaborative, full service, team environment is a vital piece in discovering the ability in the children we serve.  Being able to provide as many necessary and beneficial services as possible in one place makes it easier for children and their families to receive the therapy services needed.  In 2008 a Developmental Disabilities Agency (DDA) was formed. This agency provides developmental therapy and behavioral intervention for children with developmental and behavioral challenges.   In 2014 another new service, Mental Health Counseling was added to CTP.

The ever-increasing need for therapy services for children in the Treasure Valley has prompted the growth and expansion of Children’s Therapy Place services and business locations.  In 2015 a new location was added on Interchange Lane to house the ever blossoming DDA and much administrative staff. The need for therapy services in surrounding cities has been recognized as well.   A larger location in Nampa was leased in 2016, doubling the number of services being provided by Children’s Therapy Place in Nampa in less than one year. Finally, just this year (2018) CTP is proud to announce the addition of a new location in Twin Falls Idaho.  


Children’s Therapy Place and Sondra have also been honored to have received recognition for its successful business strategies.  In 2005, the Idaho Region III SBDC recognized Sondra McMindes as a Success Story for her achievements. The company was featured in Zions Bank “Speaking on Business” radio show and magazine publication in 2008.  In the same year, the Idaho Business Review awarded Sondra as one of their Business Women of the Year. Sondra was elected to serve as President of the Idaho Speech, Language, and Hearing Association from 2009-2011.

In 2012, the United States Small Business Administration awarded McMindes Small Business Person of the Year for the state of Idaho.

The Future:  

The future is bright for Children’s Therapy Place.  Placing children and their needs first is at the core of what we do.  Children’s Therapy Place will continue to seek to provide the best and most beneficial therapy services to children in the state of Idaho.


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