“I feel like the agency (CTP) has been really great, even through the pandemic there was consistency and stability. It has been life-changing! I cannot recommend CTP enough to people. Anytime people receive an ASD diagnosis for their child, I always tell them to go to CTP for services. CTP has been the best and most consistent with providers, which has really helped.”


“I am so thankful for what you have been able to do for my Makayla. You have been a wonderful person to know and work with for the last two years. This family, all of us, thank you for everything.”


“Children’s Therapy Place has done more for my child in the last year than any other therapy to date. He has made so much progress! We are so happy we have you all in our lives.”


“I really love the whole environment. The staff, everyone, is so nice and very understanding and helpful. I feel comfortable Jaydin being there – I know he is in good hands.”


“I love how they (the staff) are with kids! I love their flexibility, too! Anytime we need to cancel, they are quick to get us rescheduled without a problem. I just like them a lot!”


“I’ve never had a bad interaction with staff. It has been a great experience. I love the work they do with John inside the home and outside and I can really see the benefits. They provide consistency and they integrate everything into each therapy. They are also really good at communicating with me and John loves them. The progress John has made, has made it all worthwhile.”


“CTP staff and therapists always go above and beyond.”


“Whether it is phone or email, I always get an immediate or fast response. People always answer the phone, and if I have to leave a message, they get back to me quickly – within just a few hours.”


CTP has been a godsend! I am not sure I would have been able to make it without CTP! Everyone is so pleasant! We love and adore everyone there! 


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