At CTP we work together to support our clients to live their best lives. Helping people succeed – that’s what drives us and that’s what makes CTP strong.





Phone: (208) 323-8888

Derek Bawden, MOT, OTR/L

Director of Practice and Operations


Phone: (208) 323-8888

Celeste Costa

Administration Manager

Phone: (208) 323-8888


DDA Administrator

Phone: (208) 323-8888

Nate Pearlman, MA, LCPC

Director of Mental Health Services

Phone: (208) 323-8888

Kimberly Laurie, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Therapy Manager / Director of Therapy & Administration

Phone: (208) 323-8888

Katie Howell, PT, DPT

Phone: (208) 323-8888  


Sondra McMindes, MS, CCC, SLP – Owner

Derek Bawden, MOT, OTR/L – Director of Practice & Operations

Celeste Costa – Administration Manager

Molly Scott-Auth, BSW – Twin Falls Practice Administrator

Carly Broadhead, MA – Parent & Community Liaison

Jennifer MacDonald – Accounts Receivable

Mary Meadows – Billing Clerk

Gigit Steen – Payroll Clerk

Rosa Corona-Zambrano – Receptionist/Bilingual (Spanish)

Teavenjai Fredericks – Receptionist

Andrea Herrera – Receptionist/Scheduler/Bilingual (Spanish)

Rae Shelle Johnson – Receptionist

Luiza Salvarova – Receptionist


Kimberly Laurie, M.S., CCC-SLP – Speech Therapy Manager

Emily Chapman, M.S. CCC-SLP – Speech Therapist

Thomas González, M.S., CF-SLP  – Speech Therapist/Bilingual (Spanish)

Kristina Ivey, M.S., CF-SLP  – Speech Therapist

Sherry Farley, M.S., CCC-SLP– Speech Therapist

Alissa Ketterling, M.S., CCC-SLP – Speech Therapist

Jane Lomas, M.S., CCC-SLP  – Speech Therapist/Bilingual (Spanish)

Stephanie Robinson, M.S., CCC-SLP – Speech Therapist

Karissa Rutten, M.S., CCC-SLP – Speech Therapist

Courtney Sinfield, M.S., CCC-SLP – Speech Therapist

Julie Taylor, M.S., CCC-SLP – Speech Therapist

Annika Tribby, CCC-SLP – Speech Therapist

Taylor Wiest, M.S, CCC-SLP  – Speech Therapist


Alycia Arroya, COTA/L, CCPAM – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Victoria Barber, COTA/L – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Burgundi Bateman – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Elisa Bovenzi – Occupational Therapist

Georgia Drygas – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Kylie Hohwieler, OTD, OTR/L – Occupational Therapist

Catlin Jensen, MS, OTR/L – Occupational Therapist

Megan Koyle, OTR/L – Occupational Therapist

Jeramy McMillan, OTD, OTR/L – Occupational Therapist

Sara Meyrovich – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Fred Neiwert, MOT, OTR/L – Occupational Therapy Therapist

Tara Parsons, COTA/L – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Jayme Rossow, OTD, OTR – Occupational Therapist

Maricelis Santiago-Cruz, COTA/L – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Stephanie Schoenfeld, COTA/L – Occupational Therapy Assistant/Team Lead

Erica Watkins, MS, OTR/L – Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapists

Katie Murray, PT, DPT – Physical Therapist

Zach Preboski, PT – Physical Therapist

Cassie Sharon, PT, DPT – Physical Therapist

Megan Smith PT, DPT – Physical Therapist

Allison Smith PT, DPT – Physical Therapist

Christina Spangberg, PT – Physical Therapist

Mental Health Counselors

Nate Pearlman, MA, LCPC – Director of Mental Health

Chris Deming, LMSW – Mental Health Counselor

Shelby Duarte, LMSW – Mental Health Counselor

Kerry Koontz, LMSW – Mental Health Counselor / Twin Falls

Jasmine Melendez, LMSW – Mental Health Counselor

Hazuki Pike, LCPC – Mental Health Counselor

Sylvia Veal LCPC – Mental Health Counselor

Developmental Disability Agency

Rebecca Adams – Intervention Specialist

Kelsey Andrew – Intervention Specialist

Lisa Baker, BSW, CS – Lead Clinical Supervisor (Twin Falls)

Meghan Barker – Intervention Professional

Samantha Barker – Community Based Support

Sandra Blevins – DDA Administrative Assistant

Avery Bolton – Intervention Specialist

Theresa Bruening – Intervention Specialist

Carla Campbell – Intervention Specialist

Jason Carlson – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Heather Crist – Intervention Specialist

Melissa Deshazo – Intervention Specialist

Lexi Feldman – Intervention Technician

Amanda Firth – Intervention Specialist

Maria Flores – Community Based Support

Kim Frederick – Intervention Specialist

Sarah Gill – Intervention Specialist

Matthew Gossard – Intervention Technician

Sierra Green – Intervention Specialist/Clinical Supervisor

Olivia Gressett – Intervention Technician

Sandra Blevins – DDA Administrative Assistant

Megan Harrison – Intervention Specialist

Rosa Hernandez Sanchez – Intervention Specialist/Interpreter (Twin Falls)

Braylee Hicks – Community Based Support (Twin Falls)

Darrell Hoth – Intervention Specialist

Shay Hunsaker – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Drew Kishpaugh – Intervention Specialist

Danielle Kleint – Intervention Specialist

Nichole Koonce– Intervention Specialist

Stacy Kossman – Clinical Supervisor (Twin Falls)

Nicole Lee-Hladky – Intervention Specialist

Kim Leonard – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Taylor Lewis – Community Based Support (Twin Falls)

Nekolla Lindsey – Intervention Specialist

Marina Manafi-Busby – Community Based Support/Intervention Technician (Twin Falls)

Ellen Meyers – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Kendall Mohlenbrink – Intervention Specialist

Maekaylah Moosman – Community Based Support (Twin Falls)

Donna Morales – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Andrea Ortega – Intervention Specialist

Ashton Owens – Intervention Specialist

Jenna Phillips – Intervention Technician

Krista Profit – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Christopher Ray – Intervention Specialist

Mitchell Rice, MS, IP – Intervention Professional

Jeannine Ryan – Intervention Specialist

Jericho Schroeder – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Molly Scott-Auth, BSW, IS – Practice Administrator (Twin Falls)

Rachel Scroggin – Intervention Specialist

Christina Shaughnessy – Intervention Specialist

Alyssa Smollack – Intervention Specialist

Geneva Ulferts – Intervention Specialist

Marie Voth – Intervention Specialist

Laura Vriesman – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Megan Ward – Intervention Specialist (Twin Falls)

Scott Waskow – Intervention Specialist

Marie Weant – Intervention Professional

Anna Williams – Intervention Technician

Rachelle Williams – DDA Administrator

Danielle Wimer, LSW, IS, CS – DDA Manager

Brandon Winebrenner, LMSW, CS, IP – Intervention Professional/Clinical Supervisor

Delaney Zimmermann – Intervention Specialist


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