Here is a list of 20 fun summertime speech and language activities to do with your toddlers.

  1. Blow bubbles– helps build vocabulary (examples: “pop” “, “blow” etc.) and strengthens muscles of the mouth
  2. Play Outside– improves fine and gross motor, social skills and language skills
  3. Read a book– builds speech and language skills
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt– builds language skills and works on following directions
  5. Eat a popsicle– strengthen the mouth muscles for speech with this summer treat
  6. Go swimming– improves gross motor skills and vocabulary
  7. Play with a friend around the same age– develops social skills and language
  8. Draw with sidewalk chalk– works on fine motor and colors
  9. Make mud pies– this is a fun sensory activity
  10. Have a picnic– builds vocabulary and how to follow directions
  11. Take a walk outside– can improve vocabulary and describing skills
  12. Plant a flower– this is a sensory activity and helps with following directions
  13. Make some cookies– targets following directions and vocabulary
  14. Finger paint– helps with learning colors and basic concepts
  15. Build a sandcastle– sensory activity
  16. Make lemonade– works on ability to follow directions and wakes up the mouth for speech
  17. Free play– this is just fun  and increases speech and language skills
  18. Play at a park– Target vocabulary and sound repetition while playing
  19. Attend story time at your local library– builds speech and social skills
  20. Visit the zoo– targets animal sounds and vocabulary

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