Children’s Therapy Place offers Habilitative Intervention (HI) and Habilitative Support (HS) Services, in Boise, Meridian and Nampa.

What exactly are HI and HS and who needs them?

Habilitative Intervention and Habilitative Support Behavioral Services

Many parents come to us when they have a child who struggles socially, needs help expressing his/her emotions, hasn’t quite mastered potty training, and/or if he/she has the need to be in control all of the time. Some parents will seek services here if the child displays frequent melt downs or if he/she is physically aggressive or violent. At times, it can be a struggle for parents to know how to react to certain behaviors and/or defiance.

Children’s Therapy Place therapists will work one-on-one with your child and will also work with parents to help familiarize them with intervention techniques and ways to teach replacement behaviors. Our services are covered 100% by Medicaid and the process is an easy one to pursue. Our Clinical Supervisors are more than happy to meet with parents and discuss options and see if it is the right fit for your family.

What we offer

Habilitative Intervention

Habilitative Intervention and Habilitative Support Habilitative Intervention is a service that is specifically designed to teach new skills, such as following through with directives, remaining on task, engaging in appropriate play with peers, and much more. The therapist has a four year or Master’s degree in the Human Service field and has a background working with children with developmental delays. At Children’s Therapy Place, the therapists have extra training provided by their supervisors that ensures that they are prepared for behavioral intervention and providing fun, behaviorally based therapy. Habilitative Intervention is definitely the service that is sought out the most, because it shows the most growth and progress.

Habilitative Support

Habilitative Support is a service that is provided primarily in the community setting and is designed to support skills that the child already has, but still needs support or reminders to follow through with. The therapist is required to take a course that certifies him/her and is also trained further, through job shadowing, supervisor training, and observations done in the center. While the HS doesn’t have as much experience as the HI, they are still prepared and understand job functions before working with the child. Some families choose HS over HI, because it is a way to maximize hours.

Family Training

Habilitative Intervention and Habilitative Support Family Training is a service that is provided for the families. The HI therapist will work with the family and child and develop a plan to ensure that everyone who is involved is implementing the same techniques so that there is consistency in the child’s life. When everyone involved reacts the same and follows through in the same manner, it is less confusing for the child and allows for more progress in skill areas.

Please contact Cyndy Eldredge, DDA Supervisor with any questions, comments, or concerns (208) 323-8888.


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