Teletherapy, battling COVID-19

Children’s Therapy Place is still here for you…Online!

Your friends at CTP are still here for you and have been consistently working and providing online, face to face services to many families over the past 4 weeks.  We have fun and creative ways to continue to provide much needed services for your child during the statewide stay home order and during the ongoing concerns due to COVID-19.  All therapies including Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy as well as Developmental Disabilities (IS, HS, etc.) and Mental Health Counseling services are available online.

CTP therapists have been trained how to effectively and efficiently utilize telecommunication resources to provide therapy services.  They have access to multiple resources and are skilled at providing one on one and group services.  Therapists are able to use interactive games and screen sharing to work on speech and language skills, fine motor development, sensory processing, emotional regulation, behavioral needs, and much more. 

In addition to one on one therapy, CTP is now offering online clubs to give our clients opportunities for peer social interaction, to learn new skills, continue working on goals and of course, have fun!

Many therapists, families, and children have been able to experience great success utilizing these therapy service options.  

A.. is smiling ear to ear.  She loved the online session and is very proud of herself for winning.  She said it was awesome!”

“This is so great!  It is so academic and beneficial…Can you do this 3 hours a day with her?”


CTP – Pioneer in Teletherapy

Though still new in comparison to traditional therapy services, telehealth has been around for over 30 years.  Children’s Therapy Place (CTP) has been utilizing this means of providing therapy services for 14 years and are positioned well to take changes to the therapy landscape head on. 

CTP began offering teletherapy services to virtual charter schools across the country from Florida to Washington in 2007 and has been involved in providing online therapy services to various school districts, individual clients, and through Idaho’s early intervention Infant Toddler Program.    As a forerunner of teletherapy service provision in the state of Idaho, Children’s Therapy Place is a leader in this innovative practice. 

Value and Effectiveness of Teletherapy

Overall, research supports that teletherapy services are just as effective as traditional therapy services for a great number of individuals receiving therapy intervention.  The national organizations for speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, mental health counselors, and behavior interventionists have all approved the use of teletherapy resources to provide much needed therapy intervention.   This is extremely important now during the ongoing pandemic.

CTP is dedicated to continue to help the families and children of Idaho during these challenging times.  Please reach out with inquiries about our online services.  All services are also available in-clinic by appointment as therapy services are an essential service for our community. 


Call us at 208.323.8888 or contact us here to get started.

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