Twelve Tummy Time Tips

Hey, readers! Let’s dive into the topic of tummy time. It is crucial for muscular strengthening, preventing flat spots, development of coordination, and visual tracking, along with being a stepping stone to many other milestones.

Here are some practical tips to make tummy time not just beneficial but enjoyable for both babies and caregivers.

1. Baby Playdates: Babies enjoy company, so why not turn tummy time into a group activity? Lay down some blankets, bring out their favorite toys, and let them enjoy tummy time together. It’s a simple way to make the experience more engaging.

2. Mirror Interaction: Babies are naturally curious, and a mirror can provide a fascinating element during tummy time. Placing a baby-safe mirror in front of them gives them something interesting to look at and interact with, making the activity more enjoyable.

3. Gradual Increase: Start with short sessions of tummy time, gradually increasing the duration
(the goal is one hour total per day) as your baby gets more comfortable. It’s about making the experience positive, so pay attention to your baby’s cues. If they seem content, you’re on the
right track.

4. Variety in Surfaces: Tummy time doesn’t have to be limited to the floor. Place a blanket or a tummy time mat on different surfaces like a carpet or a playpen. Changing the environment can
add a new dimension to the experience.

5. Interactive Toys: Introduce toys that encourage reaching and grabbing during tummy time. Soft, colorful toys, black-and-white books, or toys that make gentle sounds can capture your baby’s interest, turning tummy time into a playful exploration.

6. Parent Participation: Make tummy time a bonding experience by getting down on the floor with your baby. Engage in face-to-face interaction, sing songs, or make funny faces. Your presence can turn tummy time into quality together time.

7. Rolling Over Practice: Once your baby becomes more comfortable with tummy time, gently encourage them to roll over. Place a favorite toy just out of reach to motivate them to roll, promoting additional motor skill development.

8. Outdoor Tummy Time: If the weather allows, take tummy time outdoors. Lay a blanket in a safe, shaded area, allowing your baby to experience the sights and sounds of nature. Just be sure to use sun protection if you’re in direct sunlight.

9. Flexible Timing: Tummy time doesn’t have to be a rigid schedule. Incorporate it into your daily routine when your baby is most alert and happy. Some babies might prefer tummy time after a nap, while others might enjoy it before mealtime.

10. Sensory Elements: Explore different textures during tummy time. Place a soft towel, water or textured mat under your baby. This adds a sensory component to the experience, engaging your baby’s tactile senses.

11. Use a Boppy Pillow: A Boppy pillow can provide extra support during tummy time. Place it under your baby’s chest to lift them slightly, making it easier for them to lift their head. This can be especially helpful for younger babies or those who don’t enjoy tummy time.

12. Consistency is Key: Like any routine, consistency matters. Aim for regular tummy time sessions each day. The more consistent you are, the more your baby will become accustomed to and comfortable with the activity. Remember, tummy time is about creating a positive and beneficial experience for your baby.

Feel free to experiment with different approaches to find what works best for your little one.

Every baby is unique, so observe their reactions and adjust accordingly. With these additional tips, you’ll be well on your way to turning tummy time into a valuable and enjoyable part of your baby’s daily routine.


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